How do I register? Is there a deadline? Does it cost anything?

You can register very easily through the link on the Start page. All you need is an eMail address and a functioning internet connection. There are no course fees, and participation is open to anyone around the world. Once you register you will have access to the whole course on the course platform. There is no deadline for registration, you can join the course at any time before it is closed, and view all the material.

What are the dates of the course?

The course launches on Monday, April 25th 2016. For the following 10 weeks, one new module will be uploaded each. The final lecture will be uploaded on June 27th. The whole course will remain open till July 18th, after which it will be closed. Once a module is available, it will remain open for the duration of the course.

What resources will I need for this class?

A strong internet connection will be helpful, but we will try to ensure materials are available for slower bandwidths as well. The course is optimized to run on the most recent versions of most browsers, and Google Chrome and Safari have been shown to work the best with the platform. No other computer programs or books are necessary. All the readings will be provided as links.

How many hours a week will this course take?

Though it varies by person, this course should be on average 2 hours of viewing time for the lecture videos plus 2-3 hours of quizzes, assignments and other activities per week. You can totally self-pace yourself, and work at any time suitable to you.

What kind of background do I need for this course? Do I need a science background?

The course is open to all and is accessible to students without prior background in the topics; you do not need a science background.

Can I take this class for university credit?

No. While we encourage any professors to incorporate this material into their own courses, you cannot take this course on its own for university credit.

How will I communicate with the lecturers and other students?

You will communicate in the discussion forum within the course platform, and through the live hangouts that will take place a few times during the course (to be announced on the platform). As a registered participant you will receive an e-mail at the beginning of each week informing you of what is coming up.